Our Story

HOW THE RPM ez HAND RAKE came to be:

After moving to his new home in Paradise, California in 1958, Warren raked pine needles on his nearly 2 acre property annually with a leaf rake. Like the rest of us, he plugged along raking and unclogging his fan rake with nearly every sweep of the rake. Not liking yard work and preferring to be on a lake fishing, Warren thought of his motto "work smarter not harder" and felt there had to be a way to make the laborious task of raking pine needles easier and faster.

While on vacation to visit family in the Midwest, Warren saw some tines at a hardware store that he thought just might work for raking pine needles. He purchased a few of them. That was approximately in 1995. Upon returning home to Paradise, Warren proceeded to "craft" his first prototype. He and a friend tested it. "It's just too large a rake head," said his friend, "and you need to fix the handle." "But," continued his friend, "before the handle came off, the darn thing worked real good." So, Warren began to work on his second prototype, which he continues to use to this day on his property.

It wasn't until late 2009, when showing the rake to Shirley that got the rake going in the direction that it is currently. Shirley saw the value of the rake and said, "You've got to get this out to the people who are working too hard raking pine needles the old way! I'm certain that others would want to have a rake like this too to make their jobs easier."

And so the business began. The rake is now patented. RPM ez Hand Rake incorporated in 2014 in the State of California.

Many users of the RPM Hand Rake have "educated" the principals to the rake's many uses. Not only is it a pine needle rake/pitchfork used for the Landscaping/Gardening Industry, the rake is being used in the Equestrian Industry, in Goat Ranches, Fire Suppressant Companies, Building Contractors and Roofing Contractors for clean-up purposes to name a few.