RPM Easey Hand RakeRPM Easy Handrake

“The RPM EZ Hand Rake saves me time and my back!”

Jenna Kerslager
Home Owner



My name is John Hamilton and I am a volunteer with the Butte County Fire Safe Council. I have been using the RPM Hand Rake on our clean ups to make homes in the Sierra Foothills, fire safe. You will not find a better tool for raking, piling and loading heavy deposits of pine needles. It works very well for large, heavy or wet piles of leaves. The RPM Rake is made from high quality materials and you will NEVER wear it out, regardless of how much you use it. I use a large utility trailer to haul large loads of leaves and needles. The RPM Rake cut the unloading time in half, as compared to shoveling it out with a pitchfork, as I used to do. I am completely satisfied with my RPM Rake and highly recommend it to anyone that does serious cleanup projects.


John Hamilton
Magalia, CA

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This rake really does the job faster and easier. I am really impressed with how quickly I was able to unload the bed of my truck which was filled with pine needles and other yard debris. I went to the dumpsite and parked next to someone who was already unloading the back of their truck. I started unloading mine and finished before they were half done with theirs. I just want you to know that I love this rake!


John Goats

Paradise, CA

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I have used the RPM rake and I like it! I raked in the area surrounding our cabin after I had cut foot-high grass with a string trimmer. Besides the cut grass, there was a lot of old thatch from previous years that had not been cut and there were plenty of spruce branches debris and other scraps of slash left from clearing. The RPM raked it all and left only a clean green stubble behind. The raked stuff stayed where it was raked and did not cling to the rake tines. As you said, the RPM worked very well for lifting sections of the piled rakings and loading them into the hauling cart. That required only that I step behind the rake, tip it and lift it, much like a pitchfork, then roll the RPM over to drop the load as it passed the top of the cart.

Francis Mitchell
McGrath, Alaska

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We love this rake!!! With tons of pine needles & cones to rake here at the Manchester Beach KOA, we have tried everything. This rake is wonderful! The pine cones and needles don't get stuck in the tines and the backbreaking labor of the job was cut drastically. I can't begin to tell you how much money we saved in labor. It paid for itself the very first day.

Laneda Emmett
Owner of Manchester Beach KOA
Manchester Beach, CA

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Thanks again for your marvelous invention. It is an incredible time saver and should be called the "miracle" rake. When I consider how long it would have taken, let alone the energy required, to gather up the pine needles and debris left over from the two, 100 foot pine trees that were cut down, your rake got the job done in minutes--compared to an hour or more. We got two massive loads of green waste done and to the recycling center in one day. Amazing is all I can say!

William Heustis
Paradise, CA

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Roger Jones
Colorado Springs, CO