RPM Easey Hand RakeRPM Easy Handrake

“The RPM EZ Hand Rake saves me time and my back!”

Jenna Kerslager
Home Owner


The video tells the story!

RPM EZ Hand Rake™

Rake it, Pile it, Move it! The RPM EZ Hand Rake™ will save up to 75% of one's time when manually raking, piling, and moving pine straw, leaves, thatch, yard and garden clippings, etc. It's also the best pine needle rake that never clogs! The heavy duty tines are sturdy enough to loosen heavy thatch and compacted dirt. It is THE tool for creating defensible space around your home and outbuildings against fire.

We received the Rake on Saturday. For our application it works unbelievably well. We use it to harvest Pine Needles out in our Pasture where we have a lot of Pine Trees and the Needles fall into the Bahia Grass. A conventional Rake would clog up immediately making the harvesting of the Pine Needles more trouble than it was worth. Your Rake easily, quickly & efficiently rakes up just the Pine Needles. The Rake far surpasses our expectations.

Rodney Raw
Oveido, FL



  • Never clogs
  • Saves large amount of time
  • True tension pivoting tines
  • Designed with three purposes: raking, pushing, and pitching
  • Did we mention it never clogs?
  • Oversized rake head covers large path